Beyond Centauri

Beyond Centauri is a magazine of fantasy, science fiction, and ewww-gross for younger readers [for readers of all ages], published quarterly on the 1st day of January, April, July, and October. Beyond Centauri publishes short stories, poems, illustrations, puzzles, articles, and movie reviews. Treat the younger readers in your family to a subscription...they deserve it.

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Issue 38
This issue [#38] of Beyond Centauri features the second half of Phil Berger's science fiction odyssey "By Whom Humanity Endures," plus a trip to an amusement park on the Moon in Beth Hudson's "A Trip to Moonpark," and a bit of witchy romance in Holliann Kim's "Love and Lettuce Leaves." Pyra embarks on a new adventure in episode #13 after being rescued from the depths of Europa. In Kai strand's "Tipping The Scales," there's a sea critter in the classroom. Kim Neidigh's essay on Pellucidar takes you into one of the worlds--in the center of the Earth--created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, of Tarzan fame.
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Kim L. Neidigh: The Good Dog
Katherine Sanger: Momma Earth
Michael Naughton: I Drink A Lot Of Milk
Stephanie Jefferson: As Long As You Clean Up After Him
Trina Jacobs: Evil Lassie
Erin Fanning: Stinky Feet For Dinner
Mary E. Lowd: Little Sandy Starstrong And Her Faithful Robot Dogs
Evelyn Horan: The Antique Fountain Pen
Mike Phillips: The Skin Changer’s Enemy
Martin Zeigler: The Circle Of Time
Flash Fiction
Kim L. Neidigh: The Radiometer
K. S. Hardy: The Bones Of Stars
Guy Belleranti: scifaiku
Marge Simon: Amelia’s Little Friend
Guy Belleranti: Once Upon A Frog
Sara Spry: Grandfather Dragon’s Farewell
Tim Greenwood: The Magician’s Hat
Kim L. Neidigh: Monica: Sentinel
Guy Belleranti: scifaiku
Visiting Earth with Sylvan Bree Baker: Irish Fairy Tales
Be Part Of A Great Experiment: Read Legend by Kim L. Neidigh
Lauren McBride Interview by Shelly Bryant
Tyree Campbell: Pyra and the Tektites [Part 10]
Debby Feo: An Encounter In Egypt, Part 2
Marge Simon: Amelia’s Little Friend
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Issue 33
9th anniversary issue
Barbara A. Barnett: Unlucky Clover
Rachel V. Olivier: Rachel and the Giant Tomato Worm
Eric Del Carlo: 'Neath The Layers
Marge B. Simon: The Sea Captain's Daughter
Wol-vriej: Parents' Day
Kevin Hosey: IT!
Dan Holbrow: Gertrude
Regina Edwards: Where Once Stood A Boy
Flash Fiction
Jim Lee: How The Possum Got Its Pouch
Edward Cox: The Reason Of Giants
James Blakey: Stars & Stripes Forever?
G. O. Clark: Comfort Star
Brian S. Lingard: Wondrous Treadmill
Brock Marie Moore: nature, godhead, and the grave
K. S. Hardy: Cast Iron Stove
K. S. Hardy: scifaiku
N. R. Allen: Feeding The Dead
K. S. Hardy: scifaiku
K. S. Hardy: The Probed Probes
N. R. Allen: Teddy Bear Heads
Gary Every: Mussolini’s Catfish
Tyree Campbell: Pyra and the Tektites [Part 8]
Kim L. Neidigh: The Insects Of Mars
So You Wanna Write Poetry – A Poet Explains Her Work, by Brock Marie Moore
East To Adonia by Jenny Bellington, Reviewed by Edward Cox
Denny Marshall: Landing Dock 6 Near Twin Galaxies
Marge B. Simon: The Sea Captain's Daughter
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Issue 32
In this issue of Beyond Centauri we have adventures galore for the next generation. J Erwine and Phil Berger take you out to the gas giants with mysteries to be solved. Alexandra Seidel brings you back with "How Red Riding Hood Stole The Moon. Newcomer Kendra Vasquez, in her first published story, "Alien Smell," takes you on an olfactory adventure. K. S. Hardy's "The Great Newspaper Migration" is . . . what's a newspaper, you ask, holding your iPads and youPods? Exactly! And don't miss the time-travel paradox in Walt Socha's "Out on a Date in my Daddy's Car."
Plus: Pyra faces a shark attack on Ichthia's asteroid, and a porpoise comes to help. And Sylvan Bree Baker takes control of her life in "I Choose."
Phil M. Berger: Charlie of Enceladus
Ellen Wrin: End Game
Marc Colten: Punching Bag
J Alan Erwine: The Martian Orphans and the Moons of Jupiter
Ailynn Collins: Escape!
Karen L. Newman: The Dollhouse
Alexandra Seidel: How Red Riding Hood Stole The Moon
Walt Socha: Out On A Date In My Daddy's Car
Lorie Calkins: Big Foot And The River Adventure
K. S. Hardy: The Great Newspaper Migration
Fred Warren: The Flying House
David Lewis: Oversight
Melora J. Bell: Afternoon at the Carnival
Kendra E. Vasquez: Alien Smell
Lawrence Barker: A Man Who Leaves A Crop To The Weeds
Sylvan Bree Baker: I Choose
Tony Thorne: Monument
Art Holcomb: Evil Robot Overlords
Debby Feo: Out There
Lyz Frerking: Sailing to the Moon
MonkeyJohn: Martian Blight
Kim L. Neidigh: The Little Shop Of Dreams
Debby Feo: Heavenly Concerts
Lauren McBride: Dead Animals Live
John Grey: Planet In The Rear-View Mirror
Terrie Leigh Relf: She Once Had A Radio Flyer
Eric Bonholtzer: The Outsider [flash fiction]
Tyree Campbell: Pyra and the Tektites [Part 7]
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