The Martian Wave

Where are we going? What will happen once we arrive? Will humanity endure, and if so, will we like what we become? The short answer is: we don't know. But we can guess. In The Martian Wave you'll find stories that make some very good guesses. You'll find heroes and heroines, characters to love and to loathe, and above all you'll find people very much like yourselves trying to find out what's out there, examine it, cope with it . . . and live.
The 21st Century holds many surprises for humanity. The Martian Wave will give you a few hints.

Issue 3
What lies beneath the sands of Mars? What will happen to humanity when a possible extraterrestrial signal is received? What can explorers do to save themselves when they discover a completely alien lifeform? These are just some of the questions asked and answered in the 2012 issue of The Martian Wave.
With fiction from Robert J. Mendenhall, Scott Virtes, GC Rosenquist, Phil M. Berger, Glen R. Stripling, Ross Gresham, Robert N. Stephenson, and H. David Blalock, you will explore worlds you never expected, and encounter characters you could never imagine.
This issue is seasoned with relevant poetry from G. O. Clark, Kurt MacPhearson, Marge Simon, Shelly Bryant, Terrie Leigh Relf, WC Roberts, and Janette Sullivan.
Robert J. Mendenhall: Absence Or Evidence
Scott Virtes: Newton's Window
GC Rosenquist: Moontide
Phil M. Berger: The Blue Marble Signal
Glen R. Stripling: The Geysers Of Enceladus
Ross Gresham: Last Word From Kismet
Robert N. Stephenson: A Hole
H. David Blalock: Sparks
G. O. Clark: Last Chance
Kurt MacPhearson & Marge Simon: Entry Center
Shelly Bryant: The Distant Planet
Terrie Leigh Relf: A Child's Prayer To Raise NASA Funding
WC Roberts: New World Matisse @ Spaceport America
Janette Sullivan: constantly
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Issue 2
This issue of The Martian Wave includes six evocative tales and five thought-provoking poems that will launch you into escape velocity! Bear witness to first contact with the starship crew of Molly Brown and an alien observer as they communicate via music in “Grand Ol’ Opry" by Laura R. Givens. Join Captain Anjela Stewart and her first mate Chris Lockwood of the Venture Forth, in Robert J. Mendenhalls’s “Full Moon", as they, and other refugee ships, are turned away from Beta and Moon Base, seeking sanctuary in the wake of earth-destroying asteroid XF11. There are other unique and breath-stealing tales. . .from Robert N. Stephenson’s “A Miner Delay" where AI 7-12 Silva argues with his human-centered boss that he deserves to be sent to earth for an emotional and physical upgrade; Douglas A. Smith’s “Hydrogen" takes you on board the Sir Francis Drake while the crew wrestles with a sudden incapacitating illness. . .Is it connected to their propulsion systems? Dan Thompson’s “Terminator", propels you into imminent disaster with Engineering Architect Ben Gage and Colonel Katerina Petrovna Mayakovski as they attempt to reform an asteroid to house refugees from the Belt Confederacy and the United Nations of Earth war--amid the imminent threat of an Assassin attack!; and N.E. Chenier’s “Latency", where research vessel Naut-47 is investigating HRK-a for developers of human colonies. The science crew discovers that not only is the planet suitable for habitation, but there’s something in the environment that expands their latent potential exponentially—but at what cost?
Poets Lee Clark Zumpe, Kristine Ong Muslim, W.C. Roberts, and Shelly Bryant extend their creative tethers across space from “gilded captivity" in an alien zoo to a space trader who sells his organs to survive!
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